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This package includes a selection of Wikipedia subjects that you will have on your PC.

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Pocket Wikipedia is a simple application designed to help users navigate the entire Wikipedia collection with ease.

The program offers several means of accessing the contents of Wikipedia, each to suit users' individual needs.

Firstly, if users have the time but are not quite sure what they are looking for, they can access “Subjects Index”, then search through each field and sub-field by hand. This not only enables them to get a fuller understanding of a domain's complexity, but it also gives them the chance to come across topics previously unknown to them.

Going step by step through the various sub-fields might seem tiresome, so if certain users want to read something a bit more targeted, then they can access the “Title Index”. Here they can find, in alphabetical order, titles or key-words and Pocket Wikipedia takes them straight to the page in question.

However, it sometimes happens that users do not have the time to filter through all of the existing domains on Wikipedia, or they just need to get informed quickly, without having to discover by themselves the location of a topic. As such, they have the option of using the search engine and entering a specific keyword. The search will return results that feature the entered item in all the existing document titles or keywords. This enables users to get almost instant access to whatever it is they want to read.

Another option is to use the “Random Subject” button that will instantly display a wiki-topic. Chances are that the displayed topic is unknown to users and can turn out to be an interesting read, making the experience quite amusing.

Pocket Wikipedia proves to be an interesting piece of software with quick reaction speed and useful features, allowing users to improve their general knowledge in a fun way.

Pocket Wikipedia was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
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