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A rather lightweight piece of software that you can easily use to devise custom exams of various difficulty levels that are meant to be taken on a computer

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ProfExam Creator, as its name suggests is an application that has been especially designed to offer you and others the possibility to create and publish exams. With it you are able to put together tests for any educational level or work environment as long as it’s based on text answers.

A no-nonsense interface that guarantees quick test creation

Since the existence of a certain degree of difficulty is reserved for the testee, ProfExam Creator displays a very easy to make out interface which should pose no problems to anyone who is using it.

It comes with a simple and intuitive layout for its interface which makes sure that you can focus on quickly and accurately creating the test instead of wasting time through menus and options. Everything you need is in plain sight, ready to be put to work.

Easily create multiple exams and deploy them in one package

A really good thing about ProfExam Creator is that you are free to add more than one exam in the same project. Each one can have as many questions as you wish and they can approach different subjects and degrees of difficulty.

Exam and question templates are added with a simple click and all that is required of you is to fill in the correct information. For any exam you are free to choose from three question types: ‘multiple choice and single answer’, ‘multiple choice and multiple answer’, as well as ‘type answer’.

For each of them you can add the actual question text, a case study, exhibits in the form of images and an explanation for the topic with which that person is faced.

A basic exam creation tool which should appeal to anyone

To sum things up, ProfExam Creator is by all means a very practical and handy tool for all those who need to build a test in a matter of minutes and deploy it just as fast.

ProfExam Creator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 9th, 2014
ProfExam Creator - ProfExam Creator enables you to create various types of tests that students or other people can take on a computer.ProfExam Creator - From the Question section you are able to enter the actual question, its case study, exhibits and correct answer.ProfExam Creator - Creating a multiple answer question you can add the answers, choose the section and write an explanation.ProfExam Creator - screenshot #4ProfExam Creator - screenshot #5

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