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An efficient and user-friendly application developed as a TTS instrument, that can help you work on your public speaking difficulties

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PrompSpeak is an effective and lightweight piece of software functioning as a text to speech tool that you can use to listen to various phrases being read aloud, enabling you to get used to saying them yourself.

No installation needed

Subsequent to the download process, you can unzip the archive and run the executable, as the program’s installation is not necessary in any way.

As such, you can easily carry PrompSpeak with you on a portable memory device, and use it on all compatible systems, be it at work, at home or wherever else you may need.

Clean-cut user interface

The application’s interface is fairly simple and easy to handle, posing no major problems, even to the less experienced individuals, so it can be used by anyone.

The main window features seven different text slots into which you can input the phrases or words your want to hear pronounced, while the buttons on the lower edge of the screen let you give the ‘Speak’ command or adjust the ‘Voice Settings’.

Input your text and hear it spoken

For starters, you can enter the sentences you want PrompSpeak to read, be it from your clipboard or by typing them manually. Despite the small size of each slot, it supports quite lengthy pieces of text, meaning you can work with longer articles, if you need to.

To read the contents of one of the slots, you can click on the ‘Selected’ button corresponding to the targeted phrase, then press on ‘Speak’ and the voice you selected, from the ones available on your system, will begin reading the words, allowing you to listen to its correct pronunciation. The text slots cannot be placed in queue, for PrompSpeak to go through them one after the other, nor can you save an audio recording of it.

Handy TTS tool

To sum it up, PrompSpeak is a useful, albeit fairly basic utility which aims to help people with speech difficulties or even individuals who are trying to learn English get a better grip over how they should pronounce various phrases.

PrompSpeak was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
PrompSpeak - The main window of PrompSpeak allows you to enter the text you want to listen when it is pronouncedPrompSpeak - From the dedicated window, you can select one of the voice available on your system

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