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A user-friendly program that helps you study and memorize the values of the Muslims' Holy Book, while offering support for search operations, bookmarks, glossary, and images

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Religion is an intriguing subject for most, as every religion has its own beliefs, values and traditions. Learning about other religions may be interesting and Holy Qur'an Viewer is the way to learn about the Quran, the central religious text of Islam.

User-friendly interface

This application provides its users with a multi pane interface, which makes it easy to use even for beginners. It offers an easy way for studying and memorizing the values of the Muslims' Holy Book.

Language assistant

Every verse is displayed by default in Arabic and English, but the language assistant is there to help you select the languages you can use to read the Holy Quran. For example, you can configure the application to display the text in Arabic, English and Transliteration mode at the same time.

Search operations and bookmarks

One of the advantages of the application is that it allows you to easily find what you are looking for. The search tool, the topic index, along with the possibility to add multiple bookmarks are features that allow you to reference a particular point or chapter in the Quran. Furthermore, the program enables you to use a multilingual method of selecting chapters.

Glossary, images, and other handy features

In order to easily understand the meaning of the Quran's content, you can use the Islamic Terms glossary, the transliteration table and also read the brief commentary of each chapter. Moreover, you can view images of the original Quran manuscript and information about the displayed pages.

With this software, you can learn about the available Quran translations and methods to memorize it. Also, the programs' appearance can be customized as you wish: you can change the color scheme and the text highlight color.

Efficient and reliable educational software

Providing you with useful navigation tools and learning methods, Holy Qur'an Viewer is a multilingual application designed to be a reference tool for anyone who wishes to learn about the content of the Islamic Holy Book.

Holy Qur'an Viewer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Holy Qur'an Viewer - This is the main window of the application, where you can view all the Qur'an chapters.Holy Qur'an Viewer - From this menu, you can search the Qur'an or access the Islamic term glossary.Holy Qur'an Viewer - Holy Qur'an Viewer also features a translation manager and a language assistant that can help you choose the language you want.Holy Qur'an Viewer - screenshot #4

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