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Complete Quran Audio and Quran translations in 24 different languages

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QuranReciter is an MP3 player designed to help you study the Quran by listening verses and recitations. It is an useful tool for learning the Quran surah translated in multiple languages without having permanent Internet access.

The program features a simple interface that allows you to select the surah that you want to listen and control the playback. You can also jump to the next verse from the current MP3 file by using the top toolbar or the keyboard shortcuts.

The default installation of the program only includes a single MP3 file but you can extend the database by downloading the others from the developer’s website. Additional translations can also be installed by using the same source.

Unlike other audio players, the QuranReciter allows you to use only the MP3 files that include the Quran recitations. It has the ability to play preset time intervals that include a specific verse which can come in handy when you need to learn only a certain part of the surah.

The range playback mode is designed to continuously play all the verses from the selected range. The program can also be configured to stop the playback after each verse if you need to study the text or translation.

A useful feature is the ability to export a part of the MP3 file in order to use it on a mobile device or in a presentation. You only need to select the range and use the Range to MP3 button.

During our tests, the program required insignificant resources and promptly played the selected verses. The interface buttons are rather small which makes it hard to access the menus and adjust the window size.

Overall, the QuranReciter is a handy tool for the users who want to study the Quran text and listen to audio recordings.

QuranReciter was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 24th, 2013
QuranReciter - QuranReciter will allow users to listen to the complete Quran in 24 different languagesQuranReciter - The Range mode settings window will provide users with Recite range, Unlimited times or After Current Sura optionsQuranReciter - Users will be able to create EQ presets to finely tune de reciter`s voice from the Equalizer window

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