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A simple and easy to use Raptivity tool that allows you to access and work with new and interesting interactions for various types of lessons

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Raptivity Evolve is an intuitive and efficient piece of software functioning as an additional tool to assist you in creating lively interactions using Raptivity, so all your students or the audience can be enthralled by your lessons.

The utility requires that you have Raptivity on your system, after which it will install on your computer without a problem. The tool is meant to provide you with additional interaction templates to work on in order to build your lessons.

Raptivity Evolve features three new templates, namely 'Collage', 'Mine the Gold' and 'Find in Image', which can be accessed from the 'New Interactions' menu in Raptivity. After selecting the preferred item, you can begin entering the information for your presentation.

The 'Collage' interaction allows you to insert up to six different images, either from your own PC or from the default pictures. You have the option of adjusting the 'Background Settings', 'Audio Settings', 'Title' and 'Instruction'. Similarly, you can customize the appearance and contents of the 'Thumbnails'.

Using the 'Mine the Gold' template, you can setup up various multiple-choice questions, which are grouped in 'Easy Level Questions', 'Moderate Level Questions' and 'Difficult Level Questions', but also 'Bonus Level Questions', and these will each be given points.

You can add one or more correct answers as well as customize the appearance of the interaction by adjusting the background, the 'Timer Settings', the 'Immediate Feedback Settings' and others. Another interesting interaction is 'Find in image' that enables you to set up various questions which can be answered using hotspots from a background image.

Before completing and publishing your interaction, you can choose a 'Flash Preview' or a 'HTML5 Preview' and decide if it requires further work or it is ready to be used.

To conclude, Raptivity Evolve is a simple tool that aims to enhance the functionality of Raptivity by providing you with additional interaction templates to choose from when creating your lessons.

Raptivity Evolve was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Raptivity Evolve - Raptivity Evolve works as a plugin for Raptivity that provides you with additional interactionsRaptivity Evolve - The available interactions included by this utility are Collage, Mine the Gold and Find in ImageRaptivity Evolve - It allows you to get a Flash or HTML5 preview, before actually publishing the created interactionRaptivity Evolve - screenshot #4Raptivity Evolve - screenshot #5Raptivity Evolve - screenshot #6

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