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An efficient and user-friendly application whose main function is to assist you in creating effective learning interactions in no time

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Raptivity Suite is a comprehensive and reliable software solution aimed at teachers who wish to create interactive lessons and encourage students to take part in all courses, by allowing them to have fun while learning.

The program is fairly complex, requiring quite a lengthy installation procedure, during which you will need to pay attention and provide the proper confirmations when prompted.

From the optionally created desktop shortcut, you can launch Raptivity Suite and begin working with it. You can either open an existing 'Interaction' or create a new one, basing them on pre-existing templates, yet customizing them to meet your needs.

The application is quite easy to handle, enabling you to generate advanced eLearning 'Interactions' without having to write a single line of code. The user-friendly interface reduces manual input to a minimum, allowing you to get your work done fast, without skimming on quality.

Raptivity Suite groups the tens of 'Interaction' templates it provides you with in several categories, for easier management. As such, you can use 'Assessment and Surveys', 'Content', 'Exercises', 'Exploration', 'Games', 'Glossary', 'Interactive Diagrams', 'Presentation Aids', 'Quiz', 'Scenario Based Learning', and several others.

Moreover, you can also choose from more popular groups of models based on the reasearch of education scholars, for instance 'Bloom's Taxonomy', 'Gagne's Nine Events', 'Keller's ARCS Models' or 'Experiential Learning', each comprising multiple interactions that you can choose from, according to the nature of the lesson you are preparing, the age of your students, and other criteria. You can then open and adjust the one you prefer from the 'Customization Panel', configuring 'Basic Settings', 'Question Collections' or other aspects specific to each interaction.

To conclude, Raptivity Suite is an advanced yet user-friendly utility which includes a wide range of 'Interactions' so you can keep your students interested at every new lessons, regardless of its type, be it acquisition or evaluation.

Raptivity Suite was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
Raptivity Suite - The main window of Raptivity Suite allows you to start creating a new interactionRaptivity Suite - From the New menu, you can choose one of the frequently used interactions and build on itRaptivity Suite - The File menu enables you to save the current interaction or open and existing one and further work with itRaptivity Suite - screenshot #4Raptivity Suite - screenshot #5Raptivity Suite - screenshot #6Raptivity Suite - screenshot #7

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