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This application makes sure you take a brake.





Often when doing programming one forgets the time and the necessity to take a break a regular intervals. Reflexion will gently tell you it's time for this. Stretch your legs and get a coffee. While nipping on your drink ponder upon the way you are tackling the problem. Many times you find a better and easier way saving you time and effort.                       

Many authority's recommend a small pause (1 or 2 minutes) per hour of computer work. Reflexion is a tinny application that prompts you kindly when it is time for a pause.

Reflexion will run in the windows notification area. You can set the start and stop time and the number of pauses you like.
A list is dynamically updated and showing all the pause occurences. Optionaly one can play a sound (wav), mp3 or wma file to prelude the pause.
Last updated on November 17th, 2006
Reflexion - This is the Reflexion main window which enables users to setup the Start-End Time, Number of Reflexions etc.

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