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A lightweight and handy application that allows you to quickly search for famous restaurants from any city or town across the world

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When going out on a road trip, it is important to know where you can stop and eat. Although most local maps show you the location of restaurants or food courts, these are limited to the city or town they are designed for.

Restaurant Searcher is a handy piece of software that can eliminate the need for local maps, by providing you with a quick way of finding famous restaurants and food courts from anywhere on the world map, by simply entering the city of interest. You need to be connected to the Internet in order to properly use the application.

Reliable restaurant finder

The program can help you quickly find out which are the best places to eat in a certain city, by displaying contact details of famous restaurants from that area. These details include the name, address, website and phone of any restaurants available.

This comes in handy in many situations, as you can use the phone number provided to call and make reservations, or the website to see what is on the menu.

Intuitive restaurant search tool that provides local maps

Aside from the name, address, website and phone of restaurants that can be found in a city, the application also displays a unique ID code. This ID can be used to quickly display the location of a restaurant or food court, with the help of Google Maps.

Combined with this feature, the program helps you find out where you can eat during your vacation, regardless of its location.


As a base evaluation, Restaurant Searcher is ideal for quickly finding out the contact details of famous restaurants or food courts, along with their precise location, anywhere on the globe. Some cities might not display any results, although this could be the cause of the lack of information about that location in the database from which the program retrieves data, and not the application itself.

Restaurant Searcher was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
Restaurant Searcher - Restaurant Searcher allows you to search any restaurants or food courts from a city anywhere on the world map.Restaurant Searcher - You can quickly see the location of a restaurant with Google Maps, by simply entering its ID code.

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