Reverse Chords Finder 1.0

The program tells you which is the chord's name and its root.

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3 Reverse Chords Finder Screenshots:
Reverse Chords Finder - Reverse Chords Finder's main window allow you to click anywhere on the guitar neck and, after 3 or more notes, it calculates the chord and its root.Reverse Chords Finder - In the Pipe menu from the Options/Sounds list you can select which type of pipe should the program use, like Piccolo, Flaute, Whistle etc.Reverse Chords Finder - You can select how the Accidentals should be (Sharps/Flats) from the Options menu.
Reverse Chords Finder will run a very strong algorithm based on an advanced theory of chords.. Click anywhere on the guitar neck and, after 3 or more notes, it calculates
the chord and its root. This is done based on the weight of intervals existing among the notes you select.According to this system any combination of notes, including clusters, has a root. Once the root is found, the actual chord is easily detected.

For the sake of simplicity, we avoid getting enharmonic equivalent chords. In fact,
according to the principles of our system, they are not very correct. For instance: most people may consider a triad like G-B-E either an E minor, or a G Major 6 or even a Bsus4,5+. In fact it's E minor and that's it. Because the root is E; according to our system the heaviest interval present here is the perfect fourth and its base is E.

Who can benefit from this? Any guitar player, of course, especially those who like to experiment a bit. Assemble any combination of notes and, if you like its sound, save it.
Click on left or right arrows and you can see and hear the chord in various positions along the neck.

It works with any possible tuning; each string's pitch can be adjusted lower or
higher within an interval of 24 semitones.

Last updated on February 17th, 2006

Runs on: Windows All


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