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This program helps you save time on doing statistical tests.




Robostat helps you save time performing statistical tests.

Just enter the name, mean, standard deviation, sample size, name of the dependent value and p-value and you are done. You will notice that the program places an HTML copy of the results in the folder.

In this way, the calculations will take only a few seconds while you are entering the parameters.
Last updated on June 6th, 2007
Robostat - From the main interface of Robo Stat you can select the tests you want to do: Independent Samples t-test, Dependent Samples t-test or Independent Samples X2-test.Robostat - You can easily get results for an Independent Samples t-test entering your parameters.Robostat - This is how Robo Stat displays the results of a Dependent Samples t-test when the dependent variable is the gendre.Robostat - Here are the results for an Independent Samples X2-test when the categories are the birth and the gendre.

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