Roman Numeral Conversion

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A very lightweight utility whose main purpose is to convert simple integers to Roman format and the other way around, all from an intuitive interface

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Roman Numeral Conversion is a small application that can transform integers to Roman format and vice versa. It is suited for students, teachers and virtually any user in need of a speedy bi-directional Roman converter.

Typically, such converters can be found online, however, most of them are restricted to processing integers up to 4999. Unlike these, Roman Numeral Conversion provides an alternative that can calculate larger numbers, with the added benefit of computing the values in offline mode.

Following a quick and effortless installation process, you can make acquaintance with the program’s interface, which is simple and intuitive. There are only a few commands hosted inside the main GUI that encase all of the program’s functions.

In order to start a conversion, you are required to enter the value (integer or Roman) in the dedicated field, then to press the ‘Convert’ button and have the results delivered on the spot.

However, if you fail to enter the values correctly, the built-in detection engine of the program will sense it and display a warning that makes you aware of the faulty input.

As mentioned, the program supports high amounts, although our tests established that the program cannot handle six digit figures and even triggers some miscalculations for numbers composed of five digits (for a value such as 50 000, the application will display an endless row of M characters).

Therefore, it could use some improvements insofar as the calculation engine is concerned. Even so, it exceeds the power of most online converters.

Roman Numeral Conversion was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Roman Numeral Conversion - The main window of Roman Numeral Conversion allows users to enter the value to be processed.

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