Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1

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An innovative and reliable software solution that helps you count your pushups and monitors your progress throughout several days

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Keeping fit and exercising on a regular basis is surely a good thing for your body, but it is easier than done, unless you are extremely well motivated.

However, if your motivation fails you and leaves room temptations, you might need to try a new approach in the form of an application, called Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1.

Virtual fitness coach especially tailored for Windows 8.1 tablets

It needs to be emphasized right from the get-go that the application can only be installed on devices running Windows 8.1, be it x86 or x64.

Furthermore, considering that it can count your pushups only when you touch the screen with your nose, a tablet or any other type of portable device is recommended, since they are touchscreen-enabled.

Automatically counts how many pushups you make

When you first run Runtastic PushUps PRO, you need to specify your current fitness level, i.e. how many pushups you can currently make. If you are unsure, you can go with the first level anyway, since it is the one suitable for those who have skipped on their sports exercises so far.

The next and most important step is to actually go ahead with the pushups, while leaving it to the app to count them - you need to place the device on the floor, in front of you, then touch the screen with your nose every time you complete a pushup. When you get tired, simply end the current session and the software utility displays the result.

Improve the number of your pushups according to a schedule

One of the best functions of the app is that it creates a graph with how many pushups you made every session, thus making it easy for your to get a visual representation of your progress.

All in all, Runtastic PushUps PRO can help you stick to your fitness routine without any cheating, so you can reach your goal with greater ease.

Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1Runtastic PushUps PRO for Windows 8.1

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