SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard

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A lightweight, yet reliable Excel plugin that allows football enthusiasts to keep score of their favorite teams from the FIFA 2014 league

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Football enthusiasts around the world need to know the score of their favorite teams, especially if they play in an international football league, such as FIFA. Luckily, there are certain applications, such as SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard that can help you keep the score of your favorite team, in order to try and predict if they are going to win.

The program requires Microsoft Excel installed on your computer in order to run properly and without errors.

Reliable and easy to use scorekeeper application that can simulate certain league winners

SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard allows you to easily keep up with your favorite football team and it’s advancement in the FIFA league. Furthermore, you have the possibility to grab the scores from the Internet, as the application will automatically do so.

Besides, you can try to predict the outcome of the league, by simulating the goals scored by each team. By doing so, you have the possibility to see if your favorite team has any chance of winning the cup.

Sturdy scoreboard keeper that offers information about previous league winners

While using SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard, you can check the score of the last winners of the FIFA league. Although team composition can change over time, this feature can help you determine the winning chance of your preferred football team, by comparing its former score with the past rankings.

Moreover, you are provided with details about stadiums, such as the spectator capacity, along with a short description about each building’s location and historical significance.

A dependable and powerful virtual scoreboard tool that features score updates

To conclude, SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard offers you a stable and intuitive environment where you can keep the score of your favorite football team or easily simulate its chances of winning the FIFA league cup.

SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 17th, 2014
SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard allows you to simulate various football match scores and winning possibilities.SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - While in the Rankings tab, you can add comments to each football team, ordered by their score.SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - By accessing the Goal Scorers tab, you can view all the players that managed to score goals during a match.SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - screenshot #4SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - screenshot #5SNs FIFA 2014 Scorecard - screenshot #6

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