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A simple and very easy to use application that was developed with one purpose in mind: that of helping you find the proper scale in different music genres

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Scale Finder is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software which can help you determine the music scale for different genres, just by selecting the preferred root key.

The benefits of portable tools

The application does not require installation on your system in order to function, as such you can simply unzip the archive and run the EXE file, getting started with it right away.

Consequently, Scale Finder can be stored on USB drives or other similar removable memory devices, working on all compatible systems right away, without having you sit through a lengthy installation process. When deleted, it leaves no traces behind on your computer.

Determine the music scale of various root keys

The program’s small, non-resizable window lets you choose the preferred root key by means of a slider, ranging from C, to C Sharp, to A, A Sharp and B. Depending on the selected options, Scale Finder will displays the corresponding scale in the lower part of the screen.

As such, you can discover the ‘1 3 5 Scale’ for a specific music note, but also the ‘Pentatonic Scale’, the ‘Blues Scale’ or the ‘Jazz Scale’, enabling you to play songs more easily and mimic a certain style without too much effort.

Scale Finder allows little room for user customization, as it features no adjustable settings, nor can you introduce a list of notes to learn their equivalent scale. Similarly, the results cannot be saved or exported, so you can only view them in the tool’s main window.

A simple instrument for finding music scales

To sum it up, Scale Finder is a rather basic yet potentially useful utility that is meant to help you identify scale of various music styles (Blues, Jazz, Pentatone), by choosing a root key from the available options.

Scale Finder was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
Scale Finder - Scale Finder is a simple tool that can help you determine the music scale in various different styles

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