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A reliable and easy to use application that can help you understand and improve your golf game in digital environments or in reality

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Scorecard is a simple yet reliable golf tutoring application, that enables you not only to keep the score for your favorite game, but also helps you understand the rules and the way points are awarded. It’s user-friendly interface makes it a convenient tool for score keeping and statistics analysis.

Digital instructor

The application may help you detect the areas in the game where your score lowers, so you can focus on your strong suits. Scorecard allows you to create a list of golf courses and customize each entry, by specifying its name, address, phone number and whether it supports 18 holes or 9 holes configuration.

You can also mention the rating of the course, based on hole configuration, size or slopes. Multiple tees can be added and assigned a name, for better identification.

Round details

You can keep scores or record statistical data, with each round that you enter. Each round is defined by location details, such as course and tee name, as well as configuration. You may mention which hole scheme was played: the 18 holes, the front nine or the back nine. Weather conditions are also to be considered, especially when the wind is strong or temperature is problematic.

You may mention such details, along with the type of round and personal notes. All the data is included in the statistics graph.

Scoring rules

Both scoring rules and score keeping are explained in the round properties window. The score is divided in two sides, the front nine holes and the back nine. Each hole is assigned yardage, handicap, fairway or putts indicators and values. The software supports individual notes and penalties count for each hole.

Essential statistics

The software can calculate scores averages, greens in regulation or fairways hits and display GIR when fairways are hit, as well as average putts per hole. Recording detailed data about intense games can help you improve your own style and performance later.


You can use Scorecard as a digital tutor and learn about golf point awarding rules and game strategies, in order to improve your own averages. Create a database and enter game details for each round and keep track of scores evolution on each course.

Scorecard was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Scorecard - Scorecard is a simple and lightweight application that enables you to understand and keep the score for golf rounds.Scorecard - You can create multiple courses and specify the number of holes, and general weather conditions for each of them.Scorecard - You can use the software in order to understand the rules of point awarding in golf as well as to keep the scores.Scorecard - screenshot #4Scorecard - screenshot #5Scorecard - screenshot #6Scorecard - screenshot #7Scorecard - screenshot #8Scorecard - screenshot #9Scorecard - screenshot #10

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