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This software was designed to ease the work of the teachers when it came to sharing their computer images with the students.





ScreenCaster is a teaching tool/e-class software specially designed to send the teacher's computer screen to the students computer screen.

ScreenCaster consists of two parts the ScreenServer which resides in the teacher's computer and acts as the broadcaster to all other PC's and the ScreenClient which resides in the students computer.

The ScreenServer application is installed on the trainers computer and executed. ScreenClient on the other hand is installed on each student computer seperatelly and executed.

ScreenClient is executed and minimized in the Windows tray of the student's computer. Once the application is run it will ask for the teachers computer IP address and connection port (default port is 9999).

ScreenClient also has the ability to run in stealth mode (hide from the icon tray) thus keeping it invisible for the students.

ScreenServer is executed on the teachers computer and minimized in the Windows tray. Once the teacher select s "Start Sending Screens (broadcasting)" all students computers will receive the teachers screen while their keyboard and mouse will lock.

Once the teacher decides to "Stop Sending Screens" all students computer screens will return in their previous state while the keyboard and mouse will unlock. The students application stays active and hidden (if you select stealth mode) and the teacher can restart broadcasting anytime he wishes.


■ Maximum 120 application launches.
Last updated on October 19th, 2007
ScreenCaster - This is the Control Panel of ScreenCaster that enables you to configure the default settings so that the lessons take place effectively.ScreenCaster - ScreenCaster even offers the teacher the possibility to forbid the students to perform certain actions on their PC.

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