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This is a little freeware software which makes the writing of screenplays for TV and cinema extremely easy

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To be famous in Hollywood, you don’t necessarily have to be a big-shot actor. While screenwriters don’t get the same press, they are often paid handsomely for the huge part they play in the movie-making industry.

If you have a natural talent at writing, then you only need some help to organize the story in a proper format. ScreenWriter is a program that might help you create a movie screenplay in no time.

The app comes with a simple interface that’s easy to use after you get a little practice.

The software follows the American standard for indentation rules and provides a few tools to help you along. For example, you can add a countless number of characters.

Inserting a persona into the text can be done by double-clicking the name from the list or with the help of the autocomplete tool. In order to trigger this tool, a key combination must be pressed and one of the names selected with the help of the arrow buttons.

All the scenes can be shaped with the help of a few instruments provided by the app. First and foremost, they can be categorized by the medium in which they take place. For instance, the program enables you to create both interior and exterior scenes.

Secondly, another detail that helps the reader get a better picture of the scene is the location. This is easily added to the text through a simple form, alongside the moment of the day when the action happens, namely day, night, morning, afternoon, evening, dusk or dawn.

As mentioned before, the software allows key bindings. These can be set to trigger character insertion, to signal the end of the dialog scene and to insert a location.

All in all, ScreenWriter is a light program that can be fun to use. Inexperienced users might require a little time to get used to the app’s functions.

ScreenWriter was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on February 2nd, 2013
ScreenWriter - The main window allows you to write and open your files and documents.ScreenWriter - The General window allows you to select the number of returns.ScreenWriter - Using the Key bindings tab you will be able to create some handy shortcuts.

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