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A lightweight yet very complex application that is able to analyze the positive and negative sentiment in thousands of social contexts

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SentiStrength is an advanced and reliable software solution created to assess the level of emotion in short web contexts, being able to work with thousands of texts per second and determine their positive and negative sentiments.

Initial setup

The application requires a more special setup procedure, as you first need to decompress the word lists archive to a precise path (C:\SentStrength_Data), after which you can run the EXE file.

SentiStrength itself does not require installation, so you can just double-click it in order to launch it and begin working with it.

Analyze a piece of text or an entire document’s emotions

SentiStrength lets you perform a quick test, by inputting a phrase that can even include emoticons, classifying it for sentiment on the positive and negative scale. The values range between 1 and 5 (-1 and -5 respectively).

Moreover, SentiStrength provides you with a more detailed explanation for the awarded score, calculating each word, punctuation mark and number of sentences to deliver the final result. The utility is also able to work with lengthier pieces of text, simply loading the document into the program and specifying the position of the targeted message, outputting the results almost immediately.

From the ‘Sentiment Analysis Options’ menu, you can customize the procedure and focus it on the average or the strongest emotion in a sentence, allow multiple positive or negative emotions, permit the use of emoticons or decide whether repeating a letter influences the result.

A complex tool functioning as a sentiment analyzer

To conclude, SentiStrength is an interesting and easy to use application developed as a means of estimating the type of emotions contained by various English web texts, evaluating their positive or negative sentiment in simple mathematical terms.

SentiStrength was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
SentiStrength - The main window of SentiStrength enables you to perform an emotion measurement testSentiStrength - In the dedicated window, you can input the text that you want to analyze in terms of positive or negative sentimentSentiStrength - The results window of the application displays, the level of positive and negative emotion, between 1 and 5SentiStrength - screenshot #4SentiStrength - screenshot #5SentiStrength - screenshot #6

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