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An educational, animated vision of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.




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Shakespeare In Bits is proud to bring you its unabridged, fully multimedia rendition of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. One of Shakespeare's and widely-studied plays, this story of murder and tragedy remains popular with audiences of all types.

In Medieval Scotland, the forces of King Duncan have valiantly put down a deadly revolt, stabilizing the realm for the well-loved king. Amidst the afterglow of victory, a cryptic prophecy is revealed to Macbeth, one of Duncan's most trusted and decorated generals: Macbeth will one day become king, however he is not to found a dynasty.

Macbeth and his plotting wife, Lady Macbeth, start down a path of greed, deception and murder as they steal the throne and start to eliminate potential challengers. Scotland falls into turmoil under its new tyrant, but the inconvenient second half of the prophecy still remains, leading Macbeth to perform ever more sickening deeds as he attempts to thwart the part of the prophecy that must lead to his downfall . . .

Easily learn and study the famous Macbeth play by William Shakespeare.
Last updated on February 12th, 2011
Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth - This is the main window of Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth from where you can access all the features of the application.Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth - Here you can view the animated acts, scenes and the text for each of them.Shakespeare In Bits - Macbeth - You can learn more about the characters from this window.Shakespeare In Bits - MacbethShakespeare In Bits - Macbeth

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