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One of the official languages in India and occupying a top spot at a global level insofar as the number of speakers is concerned, Hindi is studied in many important educational institutions.

An uncomplicated way to get acquainted with Hindi and see what it's all about is through the use of a dictionary, which can help you see how very common concepts are translated into the foreign language. One such tool is Sheel's Hindi 2 English Dictionary, a rather simple to use program that aims to make the learning of this language more facile.

The interface is quite easy to understand and use, even if it is not among the best looking GUIs for such a utility. Nonetheless, the functions are at hand, grouped inside the vertical toolbar that is placed right in the middle of the main window.

There are two types of dictionaries to be found and used from within this software, namely Hindi to English and English to Hindi. There are even specialized hotkeys for switching faster between them if accessing the 'Dictionary Type' menu is not to your liking.

A welcomed facility you can find in Sheel's Hindi 2 English Dictionary is the virtual keyboard you can use to type in Hindi. Also, the search function is really fast and will take you to the word you're after in an instant.

The impressive word database that exceeds 50,000 items can be enriched and modified anytime. This can be done through a dedicated function of Sheel's Hindi 2 English Dictionary. Thus, you can add as many words as you want and edit the existing ones with minimal efforts.

All in all, it's safe to say that anyone interested in enriching their Hindi vocabulary or in starting to learn this widely spread language can rely on Sheel's Hindi 2 English Dictionary. With a basic set of features that are developed to be easy to use and highly efficient in the same time, this software is one of the best choices in its category.

Sheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 21st, 2013
Sheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary - In the main window of Sheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary, you can explore an Hindi to English DictionarySheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary - You can open the English to Hindi Dictionary, and view each term's position number and its translationSheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary - You can contribute to the dictionary by entering a new English word and its translationSheel’s Hindi 2 English Dictionary - You can go to a specific term in the dictionary by entering its word number in the Go to... window

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