Smartboard Calculator for Windows 8

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A fun and user-friendly application for Windows 8 which functions as a calculator, mimicking the appearance of a school blackboard

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Smartboard Calculator is an intuitive and easy to understand piece of software developed specifically for devices using for Windows 8 as an operating system, its main function being to help you solve various mathematical problems in a fun, old-school environment.

Clean and straightforward user interface

The application is quite simple to work with, its main window mimicking the look of the classical blackboard, yet allowing you to type the equations you wish to solve.

Smartboard Calculator displays a virtual keyboard, which you can use to input the numbers you want to work with, while the ‘F(X), ‘Unit’ and ‘$(Ref)’ buttons enable you to access more advanced features.

Effortlessly perform calculations, draw grids or create shopping lists

The program is capable of performing all the simple mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, displaying the results of each one on the spot. At the same time, Smartboard Calculator lets you work with ‘Constants’, ‘Geometry’, ‘Trigonometry’, ‘Statistics’ or ‘Algebra’, depending on your particular needs.

Moreover, the ‘Unit’ button allows you use ‘Area’, ‘Science’, ‘Time’, ‘Velocity’, ‘Temperature’, ‘Volume’, ‘Angle’, ‘Weight’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Power’, ‘Force’ and many other measurement units. The ‘$(Ref)’ button enables you to view your activity history and save your work to XLSX files or review your ‘Favorites’. Similarly, you can use the provided templates and adapt them to your own purposes.

Smartboard Calculator is also able to help you create grids and tables, which you can use for shopping lists or other ends, letting you to write down the items, their amount, and other relevant information.

A handy equation solver with an old-school appearance

To conclude, Smartboard Calculator is an effective and reliable utility that can successfully assist you in performing simple as well as more complex mathematical operations on your Windows 8 device, with a minimal level of effort on your part.

Smartboard Calculator for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
Smartboard Calculator for Windows 8 - Smartboard Calculator for Windows 8 is a fun application that helps you solve equations on a screen mimicking the school blackboardSmartboard Calculator for Windows 8 - The utility is able to display your calculation history, save your favorites or provide you with templates for your workSmartboard Calculator for Windows 8 - You can solve various mathematical problems, including geometry, algebra or trigonometrySmartboard Calculator for Windows 8 - screenshot #4Smartboard Calculator for Windows 8 - screenshot #5

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