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An efficient and to-the-point training system that concentrates on speed techniques.





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Speed reading is not pushing harder. It is a new method of viewing words and sentences. Do you find yourself reaching the end of a paragraph and realize you have no idea what you just read? Your brain became bored and tuned out what you were reading. Speed Reader-X will retrain your brain to take in information as fast as it can.

The human brain is capable of taking in information much faster than the average person can read. This application will teach you a new, visual method of taking in information.

Speed Reader-X is an efficient and to-the-point training system that concentrates on speed techniques. It uses the latest software which is designed to help you practice speed reading exercises.

The Speed Reader-X Training System can be used by anyone with a third grade reading level or higher. It is for children, teens, college ages and adults.

There are many speed reading systems that claim you can double your reading speed in five or ten minutes. The truth is anyone can double their reading speed anytime without any instruction. You simply push harder and read faster. There is no trick to that.

The problem is that you cannot sustain this reading method long enough to read a book or magazine. Speed Reader-X gives you a new way to look at words and take in information without that little voice in your head slowing you down.

Speed Reader-X is designed to make learning speed reading fast and easy. The system consists of 10 lessons. The lesson objective is explained before the lesson begins. You then practice the lesson using the software. As your eyes scan the text on the screen you are un-learning bad habits and learning new, good habits. You click the Next button, words flash and you begin to quickly overcome the roadblocks you were taught in school.

The software helps you retrain your eyes to move smoothly over text without stumbling over words. After completing each lesson, you can see your results on the screen. It couldn't be easier.


■ Does not include the full lesson instructions or the lesson reading materials. It will also not progress beyond lesson 1.
Last updated on September 18th, 2009
Speed Reader-X - The main window presents you the lessons that await you and gives you the possibility to practice or to take a speed test.Speed Reader-X - The practice window displays a text that you are supposed to read and then you can check your performance.Speed Reader-X - You can enter several users on the same program and you can create a bar or a line graph that records your progress.

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