Starry Night

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A nice and simple application that aims to offer its users a complete overview of the night sky which features all constellations

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Looking at the stars at night is something most of us have done at least once and there are many how are fascinated by the splendor of the celestial bodies upon which they gaze. There are many software utilities that give users the possibility to get closer to the stars and look at the constellations without leaving the computer.

One of those applications is called Starry Night and offers a beautiful perspective of the night sky, as it can be seen from any corner of the Earth. Through a simple interface you will be able to adjust the view and marvel at the beauty of planets, stars and moons.

A neat thing about this program is the fact that it supports input from both mouse and keyboard for moving across the sky map and zooming in on a particular area of interest. More so, there are some extra functions that can change the perspective you look from.

With Starry Night you can set the latitude and longitude values manually, so as to get an exact idea on how the sky looks from a particular place on Earth. Furthermore, by clicking a simple tile inside the main window of this utility you can activate the ground view, or, in other words, make the ground visible and block the view passed the horizon line.

In case this latter feature is deactivated, you will be able to look freely and orient following the thin line of the horizon. The last button at your disposal is the one that draws the constellations on the big canvas that is the sky.

To sum things up, Starry Night presents all users a nice way of looking at the stars without forsaking the comfort of the home. It moves fast and adjusts the position according to the user input without lagging, so it may very well fit the needs of most users.

Starry Night was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
Starry Night - The program allows you to enjoy a beautiful night sky view and also view constellations.

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