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A powerful and reliable Java-based application that can help you save any collected statistical information, then use it to build graphs and diagrams

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Working with statistics can prove challenging, as sometimes the large quantity of information and numbers can be overwhelming. Using a computer application in order to determine various results and diagrams can help you create diagrams and statistical data distributions faster.

StatTools is a handy application that can help you store all sort of statistical data, then build distribution diagrams according to it, which will allow you to observe the evolution of your experiments.

In order to work properly, the application requires Java installed on your computer, as well as Internet connection.

Intuitive statistical information database

The program can help you save various data, on which you can perform statistical analysis. Using an Excel-like table format, you can add information in every row and column created.

Furthermore, the application has a text area that can be used to describe the details of various collected data. For instance, you can explain how the data was collected and how many samples have been used during a certain experiment.

Powerful graph builder

StatTools can build several diagrams, graphs and plots, using the data stored. You can easily create a histogram using the information stored in the database. In addition, you can find out how much data is distributed on several statistical values.

You can easily find out the spread or distribution of certain samples by creating a comparative scatter plot. This feature can help you determine the evolution of certain batches of samples, whether they tend to normalize or randomize.

An overall good statistical dataset repository

StatTools allows you to analyze any statistical data, offering you the possibility to create several diagrams and graphs using the information stored in the datasets. Using the application, you can observe the statistical ups and downs of your collected information.

StatTools was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
StatTools - This is the main window of StatTools that allows you to access all the features of the application.StatTools - From this menu of StatTools you'll be able to easily choose the data type that will be used.StatTools - All the editing commands you'll need when operating StatTools are available via this menu of the program.StatTools - screenshot #4StatTools - screenshot #5StatTools - screenshot #6

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