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Easy alternative that allows you to configure the display of messages on the screen with a specific frequency for subliminal influencing of the brain

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The power of subliminal messaging is uncontested by many. Such stimuli are available in plenty of locations and with Subliminal Blaster you can be enable them on the computer, too.

The application is just a simple way to try to program yourself to become a better person by viewing specific messages on the screen for a short period of time.

Simple installation and looks

Installing it does not require too much effort and the operation should not take too long to complete since there are no hurdles in the way.

Looks are nothing fancy as the main application window is straightforward and provides direct access to the main functions.

The developer already included multiple sets of messages in the program, all organized into categories of interest.

Easy to work with

Both the list of categories and the number of messages can be customized by the user by adding or deleting entries.

The default categories hold messages aimed at helping you learn faster, lower your anger concentrate better over various tasks, become more motivated or improve self-confidence.

The total amount of categories is quite impressive and each of them includes at least five messages, with an average that goes past a dozen of text strings.


Although this should be plentiful for most users but there is the possibility to add your own categories and enrich the application with custom pieces of advice.

Subliminal Blaster works by flashing the messages in a selected category at a user-defined interval, regardless of what is displayed on the screen.

The parameters that can be tweaked include not only the duration of the session but also the interval between displaying each text string and the amount of time it should be available on the screen.

Moreover, for better results, Subliminal Blaster includes settings for the size of the text, its position on the screen and its color.


Anyone can use Subliminal Blaster. The most important customization consists in selecting messages that can really influence you for the better. There are plenty of motivational texts but there is also the possibility to add your own.

Subliminal Blaster was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
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