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Super PI is a program that can calculate pi to a specified number of digits after the decimal point - up to a max of 32 mil

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Super PI is a compact software that can help you calculate the Pi number with a high number of digits. Although it is not something that you might need every day, you can use this app to learn the digits in order to use it in calculations.

The number is well known by students and professionals from all over the world. It is used by engineers, statisticians, biochemists and designers in order to solve problems or to create new shapes and objects.

Many times the calculations are done with only the first two to eight digits but there is more to see in this famous number. It is a transcendental number meaning that has an infinite number of non-repeating digits.

This program can calculate the first 32 million digits using the FFT (fast Fourier transform) arithmetic and Borwein's quartically-convergent algorithm. In common terms, the program uses advanced calculation methods to generate a lot of decimals.

The interface is easy to use and displays the time of the latest performed calculation. The Calculate menu allows you to choose how many digits you want to be generated and the program calculates them. The results of the calculation are saved to a text file that can be copied or imported into another application.

For the higher number or digits the calculation takes up more of the computers resources and the program can be unresponsive for a longer period of time. In our test the processor load was about 25% and the application used about 256 MB of memory.

These numbers were achieved when generating 32 million digits, meaning the maximum number. The operation lasted about 11 minutes and generated a 36MB text file. A simple calculation is done almost instantly with insignificant resource consumption.

You might not need to know that many digits for everyday calculations but if you want to establish a new world record Super PI can help you learn all the PI digits that you need.

Super PI was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 28th, 2012
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