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This is a C++ software that is very easy to use.
Super Software
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Quite often, it becomes necessary to transfer files of large size from one system to other which cannot be done easily with floppies.

Super Software splits a file into smaller parts of sizes as required by the user so that they can be easily transported. These parts can be merged together at the other end to have the desired file.

The project performs the following tasks:
It splits a given file.
It changes the given file extension.
It also provides a Mathematics Tutor.

The main menu provides the users with the choices of either split or convert a file. It also gives user the option of going to the 'help' or 'about us' screen. The user can opt for any using the switch construct.

In addition to it,it also helps students to check their mathmatical numericals.


1. File Splitter should be used with dos compatible files like TEXT,DOC etc
2. You will notice that while merging the splitted files the single merged file contain some more characters
in the last section.This may be the DOS data.You should manually delete them.
3. File Converter will change all the files having same extension to desired extension on the given folder.

Main features:

  • File Splitter:
  • It takes the Drive name and Subdirectories of the file using DOS commands.
  • Next it takes the file name (along with its extension) to be splitted.
  • Next it creates a directory to store the splitted files. The name of the directory is same as the filename(without the extension).
  • Then it takes in the size in which the files are to be split. Next it calculates the size of the given file and then calculates the number of files that will be created when the file is splitted.
  • Then by using system commands we switch to the newly created directory as the currently working directory. By using file handling we create a copy of the given file from which data will be read and transferred to the split files.
  • Next we create and open a batch file that will append all the data of the split files into single file.
  • The program then uses a number of 'for' loops to enter the data into the split files.
  • When all the files have been splitted the program transfers a confirmatory message to the batch file that the file has been splitted.
  • To merge the splitted files just run the batch file.
  • File Converter:
  • This is used to simply convert the extension of files to be used for different programs.
  • Information should be given carefully by the user.
  • Mathematics Tutor:
  • It contains Factor Finder,HCF-LCM Finder,Area Finder & Volume Finder.
  • If you get your answer like 1.056478 although you have given your raw data without any decimals then don't treat the answer wrong.
  • In this software,the answers will be given by the computer in their standard form.

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August 5th, 2009, 14:28 GMT
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Ashish Bhandari
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Windows XP
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Super Software
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