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Powerful alternative to the standard calculator that comes with Windows





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SuperCalc includes a powerful expression evaluator that allows users to enter entire equations rather than only one operation at a time as on normal calculators. This more natural form of calculation entry greatly increases ease of use.

Additionally it has a variable stack that lets you assign values (which may be a expression to be solved) to variables for use later. Commonly used equations can also be stored for retrieval later. All the major mathematical operations are supported.
Last updated on May 22nd, 2006
SuperCalc - The true power of SuperCalc comes from its powerful expression evaluatorSuperCalc - The Unit of Measure Converter allows you to convert a value from one measurement to the equivalent in anotherSuperCalc - The Date Calculator can be used to determine how much time is between two dates in a unit of your choiceSuperCalc - The DataType Calculator allows more easy switching between data
typesSuperCalc - The Graphing Calculator allows the results of equations to be charted

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