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A creative and fun to use application that allows you to easily create cartoons and captions without requiring any animation skills

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To produce animations and cartoons, you need powerful and intuitive software utilities that contains all the tools you need. Such tools can be tricky to use even by advanced users, because most of them have a lot of complex features.

Fortunately, several programs, such as TAB Kids can help you create animations or cartoons on the spot, without requiring any design or animation skills. In fact, the application can even be used by children, as it was intended to help them acquire the basic skills needed to create animations.

In order to create animations or cartoons, the program requires Quicktime and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

Handy and fun to use application with user-friendly layout

TAB Kids allows you to create impressive animations or cartoons, regardless of your computer animation skills. Because it was developed for children and animation amateurs, it comes with a fun and easy to use interface that can help you create intricate animations and character.

Besides, the program does not display intricate menus and menu buttons, that could easily confuse a beginner or a child. Instead, the interface displays the functions needed to create text, geometrical shapes or freeform drawings.

Powerful and reliable animation tool that is easy to use

With the help of TAB Kids, you can create intricate animations on the spot, by drawing each frame, then linking all of them.

By doing so, you can learn how animations are generally done, and get to assimilate the skills required by more complex and detailed animations.

A creative and intuitive tool for creating animations without having design skills

As a conclusion, TAB Kids can help you develop astounding animations and cartoons in just a couple of minutes. The application is very user-friendly, and it can be used by anyone, from children to experienced designers.

TAB Kids was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
TAB Kids - TAB Kids allows you to easily create animations, and is intended to introduce children in the world of animation.TAB Kids - You can use any of the built-in animations, sounds or images to create new cartoons and captions.

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