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A small-sized and efficient piece of software that allows you to practice mathematics by answering various questions with diversified difficulty levels

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Ten Quick Questions Pro is a simple-to-use program that enables you to exercise and improve your mathematics skills by answering a set of questions from numerous topics, all of which have sub-categories of random difficulty levels.

Diversified topic selection

After you have chosen a topic, then the program generates ten random questions that solely concern the previously mentioned subject matter. You can set a timer from 2 to 60 seconds per question or you can skip to the following question by pressing the next button. At any point during your quiz, you can pause the timer and take a moment to think about the right answer.

Customize the display and set the timer

Also, at any moment you can enable or disable the timer while all ten questions are displayed. When you finished answering all ten questions, the application offers you the option to display the correct answers to each question. But you don't have to wait until the test is over, you can choose to get the answers right after each question.

You can enable sounds to play when you pass on to the next question or when the countdown timer reaches one second. Furthermore, you can change fonts, create shortcuts and select background pictures.

Even if the application is appealing because of its ease of use and modern looking interface, it would be highly beneficial if you wouldn't be limited to answer only to ten questions. Also, it would have been nice to be able to save the quizzes to various formats or share them on social networking sites.


To conclude, Ten Quick Questions Pro is a useful and fast piece of software which does not put a strain on your computer’s performance, the CPU and memory usages are kept to a minimum. During our tests we did not come across any bugs, errors or crashes.

Ten Quick Questions Pro was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Ten Quick Questions Pro - The main window of the application allows you to exercise your mathematics skills by answering questionsTen Quick Questions Pro - When you finished answering all ten questions, you can view all the correct answers and compare them with your ownTen Quick Questions Pro - You can choose various math related topics such as number, algebra, data handling or shape space and measureTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions ProTen Quick Questions Pro

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