The Games Factory 2

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Advanced program that helps you create your own games and applications using Storyboard, Picture, Animation and Events editors, and a rich suite of configuration settings

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The Games Factory is a handy and reliable application that allows you to create your own games and applications.

Clean feature lineup

The user interface is standard, divided into sections that include the menu bar, icon, workspace, properties, library and layers toolbars, editor bar, windows editor and status bar.

Working with frames, images, objects and events

The Storyboard editor is the place where you can edit frames for your application (e.g. resize them, change their order), while the Picture editor enables you to create and manage all images and icons found in your game.

In addition, the Animation editor allows you to adjust active objects, but you can also enter events that trigger actions and define the logic of your game in the Events editor.

Configuration settings

You can configure the properties for the application (e.g. graphics and build mode, compression level and sounds, run options), frame (e.g. size, virtual width and height, background color, palette and transitions) and objects.

Furthermore, you can assign hotkeys to all major commands in The Games Factory, customize the interface for the workspace, Storyboard, Frame, Event, Action and Expression editor.

Final thought and performance

The Games Factory is not very easy to understand, so novice users would have a difficult time learning how to get around it. The help file is pretty well drawn, but it could definitely use some improvements (especially when it comes to its tutorials), as well as the interface.

All in all, the program uses a low amount of system resources, and we have not encountered any problems during our tests. The simple interface and the easy-to-understand controls make it accessible to most users.

The Games Factory 2 was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
The Games Factory 2 - This window shows the active frame editor, with a series of objects in place to allow the insertion of various frames in them.The Games Factory 2 - In the current view we present the event editor which manages the flow of actions to be made.The Games Factory 2 - Here we have a tool used to modify each frame, by setting its current location in the stream and allows users to even set a password for every frame.The Games Factory 2 - From the Preferences window, one can customize settings for the Event Editor, Action Editor, Frame Editor etcThe Games Factory 2 - This is The Games Factory 2's worksheet loaded with a test picture ready to be inserted in a show.

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