The Geometer's Sketchpad

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A teaching tool that helps you draw and insert various mathematical objects (e.g. polygons, segments, circles), embed text messages, and perform different math operations

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The Geometer's Sketchpad is a powerful application designed to help users learn and improve their knowledge when it comes to geometric shapes, trigonometric functions, and other mathematical concepts.

It can be used as an education tool, as it can help you teach mathematics in a clean and intuitive working environment.

The Geometer's Sketchpad gives users the possibility to design various mathematical objects, create connections between them, and change their attributes in terms of label, opacity, function, plot, as well as animation, movement, and presentation buttons.

What’s more, you can embed text messages, which can be customized in terms of font , size, and color, add multiple pages, perform basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste, delete), and import data from GSP or GS4 file format.

The application comes packed with several dedicated tools built specifically for helping you insert information panes, which describe the object relationships, draw different objects using a marker, as well as add polygons, segments, circles, arcs, and points.

Other notable characteristics bundled in this tool are represented by the possibility to add images, measure the size, orientation, and coordinates of the objects, perform various math calculations including user-defined functions, add multiple coordinate systems, append tables, and print the generated designs or export them to a file.

During our testing we have noticed that the application provides excellent image quality, carries out the math calculations very quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process.

All things considered, The Geometer's Sketchpad offers a complete suite of tools for helping you insert objects and use various tools for manipulating them. Its advanced features make it an ideal tool especially for professional users.

The Geometer's Sketchpad was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on November 6th, 2013
The Geometer's Sketchpad - The application allows you to create free form geometric shapes and annotations on a blank canvas.The Geometer's Sketchpad - You can use the context menu to change the color or to animate certain objects from the drawing.The Geometer's Sketchpad - You can access the program' preferences and work with the action controls from the Edit menu.The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #4The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #5The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #6The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #7The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #8The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #9The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #10The Geometer's Sketchpad - screenshot #11

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