The Oud Tutor 1.4

A useful program that allows you to learn how to play your favorite songs

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4 The Oud Tutor Screenshots:
The Oud Tutor - The main interface of The Oud Tutor allows users to listen to their favourite songs on a real oudThe Oud Tutor - From the Options menu, users are able to modify the note display optionsThe Oud Tutor - The Mouse/Keyboard Play Options are also found in the Options menuThe Oud Tutor - From the Options menu, users may also choose the MIDI device that they want to use
The Oud Tutor is a useful program that allows you to learn how to play your favorite songs, by playing the sound and seeing the proper fingerings animated on the oud in real-time with the music.

The Oud Tutor supports middle-eastern music (a.k.a. "Arab-Music" and "Arabic Music") via providing 1/4 tones and allowing the definition and selection of “maqams”. The selected “maqam” is reflected visually onto the oud, by indicating the “maqam” notes and their fingering positions on the virtual oud.

When playing the sample melodies that come with The Oud Tutor, the maqam of the played melody is reflected onto the oud. If the music piece involves maqam changes (modulation), the changes are shown in real-time.

In addition to playing music files, The Oud Tutor also allows you to play the oud yourself using the mouse or the keyboard. The Oud Tutor provides full microtone capability, with a user-controlled option to approximate microtones smaller than quarter notes to the nearest 1/4 note.


Last updated on March 26th, 2006

Runs on: Windows All

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