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Turns your computer keyboard into an electronic piano

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TinyPiano is a lightweight application that turns a typical computer keyboard into an electronic piano.

And while the market is already full of similar applications, TinyPiano doesn't plan to assault the user with customization options or complex features.

Instead, it offers just the basic settings and a clean interface to serve its purpose, becoming an appropriate tool for each user who knows a thing or two about electronic pianos.

While the look basically comes down to a small piano, the main window also comprises a few options, which means there are no other screens or menus to set up the application.

As a result, you're allowed to adjust volume, pitch and transpose straight from the main window. In addition, TinyPiano gives users the power to pick a different MIDI device, but also to pick from up to 127 music instruments, such as acoustic grand piano, music box, marimba, acoustic bass or violin.

In case you wish to change the keyboard configuration, you can easily do that by right clicking in the main window, but you should know that this is quite a lengthy process, as each key must be assigned to a specific button.

TinyPiano doesn't change the way your computer works, as it runs on very low resources, regardless of the operating system that's installed on the machine.

Overall, TinyPiano is an interesting piece of software that could help a handful of users, but don't expect too many configuration options. It does what it says, without too much effort, while also benefiting from a freeware license.

TinyPiano was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 27th, 2012
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