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A software application that provides a useful, fun and interactive way to learn how to type

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Being able to type fast is particularly desirable if you have or want a desk job. Usually, most employees ask that you have this skill before hiring you.

Typing Made Easy is a small application that was designed to help improve your writing speed on a computer keyboard. It has a simple interface that should be quite easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

The app enables you to create various user profiles. This means that multiple individuals can use the program on the same computer. Thus, the program records individual scores for each profile.

The interface hosts a virtual keyboard that enables you to view the keys that need to be pressed.

There are several lessons included in the program, which can be performed one after the other or individually. Each session requires that you type in several letters, thus increasing your writing proficiency and speed, making you familiar with their placement.

The app also comes with a funny animated character that “sits” on the virtual keyboard and provides important information and various tips regarding your progress.

All in all, Typing Made Easy can be a great way to start training your keyboard skills. Inexperienced users should find it quite easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and the app’s overall simplicity.

Typing Made Easy was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on March 4th, 2013
Typing Made Easy - Inside the Typing Made Easy window you can first make up a new user and then proceed to the typing lessons.Typing Made Easy - The animated character provides you with important information and tips about your progress.

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