Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator

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Simple utility created to offer the user an educated guess when it comes to roulette betting, with support for both European and American tables

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There are plenty of ways to cheat or at least gain an advantage in the long run when gambling at the roulette; and the age of computers has increased the methods through fast probability computations.

Simple interface, short list of options

Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator has been created to offer users a way to tempt their luck. Since there is no documentation available we are not absolutely positive that the tool relies on an algorithm that calculates the probability of a winning number.

Also, according to the developer it has been designed to work with a specific list of gambling websites that provide roulette betting services and should there be an algorithm behind it may be optimized for these.

The interface presents the roulette numbers and a table with the winners. All you have to do is create a history with the last winning numbers for the prediction to increase in accuracy.

The very few options available allow the user to calculate the next bet and to reset the application and start everything from scratch.

Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator offers the possibility to set the layout either for the European or American table type. The difference between the two consists in the fact that the former has a single zero, while the latter also features the double zero bet.

Roulette betting based on a history of winning numbers

The application can offer inspiration about roulette betting but it may not be able to provide results based on valid probabilistic calculations. It is easy to use and, in theory, it should increase its accuracy with a larger history data.

Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator - This is the main window of Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator where you choose the previous result of the roulette spin and calculate the odds for the next round.

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