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Create exams or tests on various topics, with multiple questions and answers, then practice them on your computer to learn how to behave under exam conditions

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VCE Exam Simulator is a complex yet user-friendly software solution developed to offer you the means of practicing exams in realistic conditions, enabling you to learn how to perform on tests when faced with a time limit.

Practical and intuitive usage

The package contains two main components, namely the VCE Designer and the VCE Player, the former being meant to help you create the tests you wish to simulate, while the latter lets you configure the parameters and answer the questions.

Both tools feature a fairly simple and easy to understand appearance, so regardless of your level of prior experience with similar applications, you will not encounter too much difficulty in handling them.

Build exams and simulate them in realistic conditions

For starters, you will need to create the exams you intend to practice, by inputting a title, a passing score, the corresponding time limit and optionally a description, which can be shown at the beginning of the test.

The next step consists of adding the questions you want to learn, by selecting their type (‘Multiple Choice’, ‘Fill in the Blank’, ‘Select and Place’, ‘Point and Shoot’, ‘Hot Area’, ‘Create a Tree’, ‘Drop and Connect’, and several others).

Aside from the question, you also need to enter the correct answer or even an explanation or reference, so the score can be issued automatically, when the simulation is complete. In addition, the ‘Preview’ function lets you determine how the question will look like.

Using the VCE Player, you can load the created exam and configure the running preferences, for instance the candidate name, the precise range of questions to ask and the time limit, allowing you to start taking the exam, then displaying your score, once you have completed.

A professional exam preparation instrument

In conclusion, VCE Exam Simulator is an advanced and reliable program that can successfully assist you in preparing for your most important tests, by letting you practice in real-life exam conditions and grading your answers, so you can discover where you need to improve your knowledge.

VCE Exam Simulator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
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