VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English2.0

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A translation software with a concise Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary






VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English is a handy and reliable software which provides users with Spanish-English-Spanish translation for words and phrases.

To use VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English, simply click on a word or phrase using the mouse button chosen during installation, and the VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English window will pop-up with the definition of the word or phrase.

VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English captures and translates words and phrases from most Windows applications, simply by pointing the mouse to the word and clicking on it.

Once VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English is running, select a word by clicking on it (according to the selected mouse configuration). You can also type the word in the VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English window.
Last updated on March 6th, 2013
VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English will help you quickly and easily translate phrases and words from English to SpanishVerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - From the General tab you have the possibility to clear the history and use a proxy serverVerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - You can navigate to the Appearance tab if you want to set the font size and select the font typeVerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - screenshot #4VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - screenshot #5VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - screenshot #6VerbAce-Pro Spanish-English - screenshot #7

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