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It combines natural language, artificial intelligence, and real-time animation with voice synthesis to create an engaging virtual personality.

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Verbot stands for Verbal Robot and is a chat program that involves the presence of animated bots which can be instructed to answer to your commands. The chatterbots, as they are popularly called, can simulate conversations with the end user, as well as to launch websites or programs.

Artificial intelligence at is best

Verbot delivers a set of smart chat buddies, which are the result of years of experience in developing artificial intelligence. The program leverages the power of XML and .NET technologies in order to create a virtual robot that exceeds conversational capabilities.

A two-sided architecture

Verbot includes a player and an editor, which are comprised in the same installation package. The former is the frontend for the chat bots, where users input or speak commands to which the robot answers in timely fashion.

The interaction between the user and the bot is carried out nicely, with options to set the robot to read the clipboard automatically, as well as to recognize speech and to configure its appearance.

On the other hand, with the aid of the editor, you can create new bots or customize the ones that come with the package. The script editing process involves building rules that will define the behavior of the robot; simple tasks, such as carrying a conversation, as well as more advanced operations like launching a website can be attributed to the virtual character.

Cease of development

Unfortunately, the developing team has announced that Verbot has been shutdown and the chances of it being revived are close to zero. Their main site was taken down, so downloading new bots and voices hosted on the domain is no longer possible. Nonetheless, Verbot is still usable for the most part, except for the features that are tied to the homepage of the product.

Verbot was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
Verbot - This is the main user interface of Verbot where you can start interacting with the avatar.Verbot - In the File menu of Verbot users can load Knowledge base files, text files or enable speech recognition.Verbot - Use the Edit menu to access the application's options or use the View Disabled by Skin function.Verbot - You can download agents, knowledge bases or voices by using this menu of Verbot.Verbot - screenshot #5Verbot - screenshot #6Verbot - screenshot #7Verbot - screenshot #8Verbot - screenshot #9

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