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A user-friendly and highly useful software utility that enables you to quickly get the most convenient route to a certain location

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Most, if not all, people prefer to take the shortest route when travelling from one place to another, and simply analyzing a map might not be enough to find the quickest way. ViaMichelin for Windows 8 is an intuitive application that helps you find the most convenient route, depending on your preferences.

More precisely, you can find the most suitable route for sightseeing, the shortest or the quickest, and you can also get the most economical one. Additionally, you get a reminder every 2 hours that you need to take a break so you do not get overwhelmed by tiredness.

The graphic interface of the utility is highly intuitive as you only need to enter the initial and the destination points, then leave it to ViaMichelin for Windows 8 to discover the best route. You can also add mid-points and you can also specify the means of transportation, such as car, motorcycle, bike or on foot.

If you travel by car, ViaMichelin for Windows 8 can provide you with the most suitable route depending on the configuration you set up - you can mention if you want to avoid tolls, off-road connections of congestion charge zones.

You can also specify the type of car you are driving (hatchback, sedan, luxury, family or compact), as well as the type of fuel it is using.

Alternatively, you can rely on ViaMichelin for Windows 8 to display maps of any region you choose, then highlight the closest tourist attractions, parking places, accommodation or eating venues and gas stations.

Furthermore, ViaMichelin for Windows 8 can provide you with detailed information regarding the weather in the city you are planning to travel to, so you can get the current temperature, wind speed and humidity level. You also get a 5-day forecast for the same region.

To wrap it up, ViaMichelin for Windows 8 can help you save a lot of time when travelling not only abroad, but also in your own country.

ViaMichelin for Windows 8 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
ViaMichelin for Windows 8 - The main window of ViaMichelin for Windows 8 enables users to calculate the best route between two citiesViaMichelin for Windows 8 - Users can customize the unit of measurement used for expressing distance, the currency or the fuel priceViaMichelin for Windows 8 - ViaMichelin for Windows 8 provides users with the possibility to choose the quickest, shortest or the most economical routesViaMichelin for Windows 8ViaMichelin for Windows 8ViaMichelin for Windows 8ViaMichelin for Windows 8

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