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A simple-to-use program designed for all computer users who want to practice playing the piano in a virtual environment with intuitive options

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Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is an intuitive piece of software that enables users to play a virtual piano, just as the name suggests.

It is very simple to fiddle with, even by users with little or no experience in software tools.

Installation does not take a long time or require special attention from the user. The app is wrapped in a plain window with a simple layout, representing Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard's interface, where you can use the mouse or keyboard to play the piano.

As far as adjustments are concerned, you can customize the control mode (e.g. modulation, volume, balance) and value, set the bender level, as well as choose the bank and program (e.g. acoustic grand piano, clavinet, celesta, electric grand piano). Plus, you can establish the channel, base octave, transpose and velocity.

Furthermore, it is possible to import SoundFound instruments, set up the MIDI connection, remap the keyboard, add extra controllers, reconfigure program shortcuts, as well as pick a color to highlight all note events, just to name a few options provided by the tool.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard does not put a strain on computer resources, since it runs on a very low quantity of CPU and memory. It is very responsive to key strokes and mouse events, and works well, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.

All in all, Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard offers a user-friendly working environment for playing a virtual keyboard, and it should please the entire audience.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - You can use the main window of the application to learn how to play the piano.Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - This is how you can choose the type of program you want to use for your learning.Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - Access the Keyboard Map, the Shortcuts or Preferences windows from this menu.Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #4Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #5Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #6Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #7Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #8Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard - screenshot #9

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