Visual Basic Database Projects

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VISUAL BASIC DATABASE PROJECTS is a free and useful utility which contains three different programs for your use





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Visual Basic Database Projects is a useful utility which contains three demonstration applications for your use. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic with databases. Topics covered include using the data access object (DAO), ActiveX data object (ADO), data bound controls, relational database design, adding, editing, and deleting records, graphics and printing.

This free product has the complete source code (and associated Access databases) for Visual Basic Database Projects that you can study and modify, as you desire.

The programs included with Visual Basic Database Projects are: WEIGHT MONITOR, a program allowing you to monitor your daily weight and compute your body mass index (BMI), STUDENT IDENTIFICATION, a program that allows entering information (including a picture) about school students and printing identification cards, and PIZZA ORDERS, a order/customer tracking system. We hope you have fun and learn from each of these programs.
Last updated on March 6th, 2006
Visual Basic Database Projects - This is a demo screenshot of one of the practical applications in the pack you will have as a task.

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