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A practical and effective application whose main purpose is to provide you with a realistic experience that will help you understand how engineers design highway bridges

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West Point Bridge Designer is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to design realistic bridge models in an intuitive environment.

The main purposes of West Point Bridge Designer are to provide you with an opportunity to learn how an engineering process works and design a highway bridge in no time.

The application comes with the right tools in order to help you understand how structures work and to create, test and optimize your bridge design.

The main window of West Point Bridge Designer is sectioned by two panels from where you can easily view the bridge design you have created and the member list. This way, you can view each used component and adjust the design the way you want.

Also, the utility provides you with a floating bar that enhances your experience when working with these kinds of designs. You can simply choose the tools you want in order to draw joints as you create your structural model or simply erase an object without having to select it first.

Because it is designed around the idea of helping users to learn more about the overall process that engineers need to accomplish, West Point Bridge Designer aims to demonstrate how they improve the efficiency of the design process.

You may choose one bridge model from a wide variety of samples or site configurations and once your bridge can successfully carry the highway without causing any crashes, you can easily continue to refine your design.

Still, if your bridge collapses, you can also strengthen it by simply modifying the properties of the structural components or changing the used materials.

More interesting about this application is that it provides you with the possibility of anticipating the overall cost of your project. Thus, you can view each used material and quantities and the price for each material and object.

Whether you need to design a steel truss bridge, or simply optimize and record your bridge design, West Point Bridge Designer proves to be a reliable tool when it comes to performing such actions. It provides you with a tool for visualizing structural behavior and teach you how civil engineers do their work.

West Point Bridge Designer was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
West Point Bridge Designer - You can use the main window of the application to analyze or create bridge designs.West Point Bridge Designer - The right click context menu can be used to access the Erase tool or activate the grid.West Point Bridge Designer - You can select all the elements and use the Undo and Redo functions from the Edit menu.West Point Bridge Designer - screenshot #4West Point Bridge Designer - screenshot #5West Point Bridge Designer - screenshot #6West Point Bridge Designer - screenshot #7West Point Bridge Designer - screenshot #8

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