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A comprehensive and user-friendly application designed to help you with learning and testing your knowledge of the Italian language

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WordBanker English-Italian is a reliable application that can successfully assist you in learning or improving your knowledge of the Italian language. The software includes practicing modules as well as tests, that enable you to evaluate your performance.

Taking language tests

You can choose between the several testing methods the software offers, namely, the multiple choice test, the open answer and the speaking methods. In the multiple choice mode, you listen to a word in Italian and choose the answer between the listed options.

In the open answer, you need more than just word recognition skills, since you must write translation down in the dedicated field. It is a useful way of testing your knowledge of Italian words and spelling. The speaking mode is designed to improve both your vocabulary, but also your pronunciation. You simply need to repeat the spoken word into a microphone and let the software assess your answer.

Learning stages and intense practicing

The language tests are designed to improve your Italian vocabulary, with words, verb conjugations and other phrases, such as salutations or questions. You can enable timed evaluation sessions, that enable you to practice for a specific time interval every day, as well as keep track of your performance on the Banked Meter from the main window.

The software monitors your progression in practicing with the word sets, and displays statistical data, for information purposes.

The software sorts the collection of Italian words into categories, so that you can easily remember them. You may add new words, delete incorrect ones or modify the existent definitions, at any time. Also, the built-in dictionary enables you to easily search through the word bank.

Learn Italian in front of the computer or on the way

The software enables you to practice and learn Italian when you are at the computer, but also when you are on the way. You can easily create learning CDs or print lists of words and definition and study while you are away.


WordBanker English-Italian is a reliable software that enables you to learn and improve your Italian vocabulary, or teach it to others. It is a simple tool that can assist you in taking or teaching Italian lessons, with practice modules and comprehensive evaluation methods.

WordBanker English-Italian was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 13th, 2014
WordBanker English-Italian - WordBanker English-Italian is a comprehensive assistant that enables you to teach yourself Italian language.WordBanker English-Italian - You can practice and test yourself with the multiple choice evaluation, the open answer or the speaking methods.WordBanker English-Italian - The word collection built-in with WordBanker English-Italian can easily be modified, trimmed or appended,WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #4WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #5WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #6WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #7WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #8WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #9WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #10WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #11WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #12WordBanker English-Italian - screenshot #13

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