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A comprehensive and easy to use tool that enables you to improve your English language vocabulary, learn new words and practice in short sessions every day





TestMate is a unique method of helping you to improve your English Vocabulary. The software includes several word sets, that contain the words and the definition. You can study a single set multiple times a day, in rounds.

Once you have been tested on a certain set of words you are automatically taken to round 2 where you are tested only on the words you got wrong. Once all words have been translated correctly the session ends.

Answer a word correctly three times in the first round and you will be given the option to bank that word.

Once a word has been banked you will not be tested on it again. This way you only get tested on the words you don't know.

Everyone has their own way of learning so TestMate is easily customized so you can change testing and practice methods to suit yourself.
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
TestMate - TestMate is an educational tool designed to improve your vocabulary with new words and their definitions.TestMate - The software features several word sets, build by increasing difficulty, that you can learn in multiple steps.TestMate - In the practice session, a definition from the selected set is displayed and you must choose the described word from a list.TestMateTestMateTestMateTestMateTestMateTestMate

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