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An efficient and user-friendly piece of software developed to provide you with the ability if checking if a certain expression is properly used

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Writefull is an intuitive and easy to handle application designed to help you with your writing assignments, providing you with the ability to check if certain words or expressions you used are in their proper form.

After a quick and uneventful installation procedure, you can launch Writefull from the desktop icon that it creates. The first time you work with this tool, you will need to create an account within its interface using your email address, which you then have to confirm to gain access to its functionality.

In order to use Writefull, you need to select the string of text or the word in your file that is of interest to you, then press the 'CTRL + Space' buttons on your keyboard to call out the utility. The program features a small and non-resizable window, which can run either maximized or minimized to the taskbar.

Writefull resorts to Internet queries as well as Google Books information, enabling you to verify a specific selection against a comprehensive database of written text and ensure its correct usage, by allowing you to see how often it is found in written documents and in what context.

You will then have the possibility of selecting the function that you want to work with, so you can either verify the usage frequency of a certain expression or word, compare the results for two different or related strings, see your word in a sentence to better understand its meaning as well as find synonyms for your term in a context.

To conclude, Writefull is a helpful and efficient piece of software that can assist you in learning if a certain word or idiom is being used correctly in your written paper, a feature which can prove essential for non-native speakers of English, who might have trouble grasping the accurate form of a certain expression.

Writefull was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
Writefull - After selecting a word or an expression you can call out Writefull by pressing the CTRL + Space keysWritefull - Writefull allows you to learn what the frequency of a certain term or idiom is, by searching it on the webWritefull - The utility can compare the frequency of two distinct selections and provide you with the resultsWritefullWritefullWritefull

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