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Create your genealogical tree with photos, links, notes and get a better understanding of the family structure with the help of this simple application

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XY Family Tree can prove useful for building the genealogical tree of your family and generating a compelling graphical representation of the family structure. Aside from data containing names and birth dates, the application can store photos, text notes and links, enabling you to easily link research information.

Despite its ease of use and accesibility, XY Family Tree might take a while to get accustomed with, due to the rather over-crowded interface. All the options are cramped inside a single window, which includes multiple sections dedicated to viewing a list of the siblings, spouses, children and associates, along with buttons for adding new family members.

Generating the family tree requires you to manually enter details about each family member, but XY Family Tree can also import data from Gedcom files. You start by providing the name and the dates of birth and / or death for the focus person and continue with information about the father, the mother or older ancestors, spouses (there is no limit on their number), children, associates and other persons worth mentioning.

The application can also store personal notes assigned to each person, as well as links to relevant websites or files of any type. Moreover, it enables you to view a location on Google Maps within its main window.

The list of ancestors can be easily generated, displaying data about parents and grandparents in treeview. Alternatively, you can use this program to see the kinship sketch, which illustrates relationships between the focus person, aunts, uncles, first, second or third cousins.

The genealogical representation can be easily exported as a Gedcom file or published as a HTML file and embedded into a website.

While its appearance could use some enhancements, XY Family Tree can offer you a secular view of your family's history, providing assistance in putting the pieces together and understanding the structure of the family.

XY Family Tree was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 17th, 2015
XY Family Tree - You can enter the names and birth dates for the main person in the main window of XY Family Tree.XY Family Tree - XY Family Tree automatically generates a family tree based on the data you entered.XY Family Tree - XY Family Tree can also store notes and include them in your genealogical tree.XY Family Tree - screenshot #4XY Family Tree - screenshot #5XY Family Tree - screenshot #6XY Family Tree - screenshot #7XY Family Tree - screenshot #8

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