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A piece of software meant to serve as a recipe calculator that you can use to mix or create new flavors for your electronic cigarettes

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eJuice Me Up is an application designed to offer electronic cigarette smokers the possibility to create their own flavor blends and make them more enjoyable.

With this app you can mix available e-liquids along with Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine and H2O to obtain the desired combination of strength and flavors. If you’re trying to quit smoking and find it easier with e-cigarettes then you can really enjoy using this application. Since it displays a comprehensive interface that makes it very easy to work with, all you need is the patience required to create your combinations, after all, it’s basically a trial and error process.

The application enables you to create a recipe that suits you best and includes all the possibilities. The recipe is organized in a logical step by step structure that lets you enter the nicotine strength that works best for you, while at the same time enabling you to set the optimal strength you want for the finished recipe.

eJuice Me Up is designed to help you get not only what’s best for you, but also how much you want. While creating the mix, you can set the amount you need to produce. As far as flavoring goes, you get to add a decent amount of options.

Since the application aims to help you obtain the perfect blend, it provides you with various tools you can use to fine-tune the recipe. In this sense you can combine multiple nicotine liquids and have the application calculate their levels.

With eJuice Me Up you are able to save all the recipes you create so you can come back to them at any time and change them or you can very well share them with other people.

All-in-all, eJuice Me Up helps you make an alternative to smoking as enjoyable as it can be by providing you with the comprehensive tools you need to combine e-liquids into unique recipes.

eJuice Me Up was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
eJuice Me Up - The main window allows users to add up to seven different drink flavors and calculate a recipeeJuice Me Up - The File menu of eJuice Me Up enables users to save the current recipe as default or to print it as an imageeJuice Me Up - From the Tools menu, users can calculate a flavor percentage or access the PV tuning featureeJuice Me Up - The Combine Nicotine Levels window allows users to calculate the percentage of nicotine-based liquidseJuice Me Up - The Percentage of Flavors window enables users to calculate the different amounts of up to 7 ingredientseJuice Me Up - In the PV Tune window, users can calculate missing factors, such as wattage or voltage, according to Ohm's Law

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