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A simple-to-configure and handy program worth having if you prepare for the GRE and GMAT tests or need to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation skills

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guru's GRE Wordlist is a lightweight Windows application built specifically for helping you with the GRE and GMAT tests. It offers support for various word lists and pronunciation options, so you can improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

User interface

You are welcomed by a compact window that allows you to select between different actions: you may check the word list, take a test, as well as configure the program’s settings.

Built-in word list and tests

guru's GRE Wordlist comes packed with a comprehensive word database that includes words which are found in the Princeton Review, Barron's and Kaplan word lists.

You can check out the meaning of the words, take personal notes in a dedicated panel, go to the previous or next word, jump to the first or last word, pause the dictation mode, as well as make the program show all words, known, unknown, or wrong words. What’s more, you are allowed to perform search operations, bookmark the current entry, and show all bookmarks in a dedicated window.

When it comes to taking tests, you need to select the correct meaning for the given word. In case, you have chosen the wrong answer, the tool is able to display the correct one. Plus, it offers information about the total number of unanswered and answered questions, progress, and total time needed to complete test and the current question.

Configuration settings

The program gives you the possibility to specify the number of times the dictation is repeated, enter the delay time between each word, dictate and show the correct answer during the tests, clear all test results (it deletes the test answers that are previously recorded), as well as change the font color.

On the downside, the program hasn’t been updated for a while, so it may cause compatibility issues on newer operating systems.

Bottom line

All in all, guru's GRE Wordlist offers a simple software solution when it comes to helping you prepare for the GRE and GMAT tests.

guru's GRE Wordlist was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
guru's GRE Wordlist - This is the main window of guru's GRE Wordlist that allows you to access all the functions of the's GRE Wordlist - In the WordList Review module of guru's GRE Wordlist you can view each word with the accompanying's GRE Wordlist - guru's GRE Wordlist also comes with its own built-in Wordlist Test that can be accessed in this tab of the's GRE Wordlist - The Options menu of guru's GRE Wordlist will allow you to configure the Dictation settings for the's GRE Wordlist - In this tab of the Options menu you can customize the test settings for guru's GRE Wordlist.

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